Martina The Flight Attendant

I saw you for a fleeting moment on the airplane. I fell instantly in love with you. I wondered if you had a boyfriend. You must have. A beautiful woman always has somebody for company. I briefly imagined us together. Oh, how I would love you. Do all those things you see in romantic movies: Buy you flowers for no other reason than I love you; take you for long walks along Lake Geneva; have a picnic in the park.

I think about you, and I don’t know why. It’s not rational. But love is not rational. I wonder what you are doing at this moment, and where you are. Are you happy, or sad? What are you thinking? Did you notice me? Are you thinking about me, like I am about you? Probably not. Nobody ever notices me, especially beautiful women. You are what they call “out of my league.”

You were my flight attendant to Chicago, and my unrequited love. But if I had the money I would buy another business class ticket to Zurich just so that I could watch you work on your return journey.

Martina, I never even introduced myself, and I just got your name off your name tag. You see, I am shy, and unwise in the ways of love. But I want to thank you. I want to thank you for that brief happiness you brought into my life, by just existing. 

She Can’t See She

Like west coast weather,
Moods change and swing,
Rearranging things,
So the whole landscape
Is cast into a different light,
Not wrong or right,
But hard to follow,
To be prepared,
Never knowing
If moments shared,
Will somehow implode,
At the same time drawn
To beauty showed,
Beyond compare,
Beauty anchored deep,
In heart and soul,
But when black dogs howl,
She doesn’t always know it’s there.

Feel Through

Feel through the neediness,
Feel through the pain,
Feel through the part of you
scared to be hurt again,
Feel through your anger,
Feel through your scar,
Feel through the part of you
not sure of who you are,
Feel through your emptiness,
Feel through your tears,
Feel through the part of you
afraid to face the years,
Feel through till you come to
the place we are all of,
Feel through the heart of you,
Feel through to Love.

Natural States

See it as you will,
It’s in no way wrong or right,
Just due to who I am, how I’m made,
I’m firmly anchored in the light,
It’s no fight to stay here,
Just an act of nature,
As is your dance with darkness,
Doh-see-dohing twixt night and day,
Keeping black dogs at bay,
Not a choice, but a natural state,
To which I can sometimes relate,
Though not really understand,
I can stretch forth my hand…….

My Folded Steel Beauty

I never thought
I could love a thing
As much as I love
My folded steel beauty.

I could stare at it for hours.
Admiring the swirling patterns
Of the Damascus steel blade.
Forged and pounded
By an expert
Japanese craftsman.

And using it.
Better than sex.

I understand now
Why chefs are so attached
To their knives.
And so possessive of them.
It’s not just
Another kitchen tool.

It’s a thing of beauty.
To be loved
And cherished
And used for a lifetime.
More faithful and reliable
Than most lovers are.

Art or Science?

Is love ever not an act of faith?
Is there some equation to replace the inner workings of the heart?
Is love science, or is love art?
Many would say both play an equal part.
Either way, it comes down to the leaping,
To find out if a love’s worth keeping,
An analysis of what could be,
Then you have to close your eyes to see,
Walk slowly to the edge with me,
Take my hand,
And jump.