Natural States

See it as you will,
It’s in no way wrong or right,
Just due to who I am, how I’m made,
I’m firmly anchored in the light,
It’s no fight to stay here,
Just an act of nature,
As is your dance with darkness,
Doh-see-dohing twixt night and day,
Keeping black dogs at bay,
Not a choice, but a natural state,
To which I can sometimes relate,
Though not really understand,
I can stretch forth my hand…….

2 thoughts on “Natural States

  1. Your words remind me of my previous relationship situation. How could I have ended up with someone so different from me and who was constantly suppressing my natural state?

    Things were fine at the beginning and we had a lot of good times and a lot of laughs, but over time he became so narcississtic and insecure to the point where he disliked pretty much everyone and everything, including me, increasingly toward the end of the relationship. Nothing was good enough for him. He saw himself as so awesome and great, that everyone (who he saw as beneath him) wanted to be just like him. He used to rage about how everyone was “copying” him. But at the same time, he was angry and frustrated that I and everyone else weren’t more like him.

    I don’t think I’ve ever met a more self-centered person in my life.

    • Ow, that sounds dreadfully uncomfortable. Glad the piece resonated with you, although it comes from a slightly different place than what you describe.

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