Biography – (((High Priestess Kang)))

High Priestess Kang, aka cyber-temptress, lives an idyllic suburban life in hell.  She draws inspiration from many sources but favors mocking the stupid.  Completely unafraid to speak her mind, she remains afraid of her own shadow.  A dichotomy of sanity and irrationality rolled up into a vertically challenged package with a phenomenal head of hair and ginormous rack.  90% of the time you will walk away, scratching your head and wondering about the trainwreck you have borne witness to.  It’s ok.  She’s thinking the same about you.

Oh…and avid fan of My Little Pony.

2 thoughts on “Biography – (((High Priestess Kang)))

  1. A bio like that … and no comments? Wha? So, in your suburban hell life do you listen to the Arcade Fire’s The Suburbs? Oh, and, what happens the other 10% of the time walking away?

  2. Nope. Nary a peep.

    I’m not the biggest fan of Arcade Fire (tried and tried and tried to like them but cannot) so hell could be The Suburbs. Alternatively, I could go all meta and say that suburban hell is listening to Arcade Fire’s Suburbs whilst driving around suburbs with the sprog in the car seat.

    No offense to Arcade Fire or fans thereof. Of course.

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