Biography – Blitzken


Half Hobbit, half Canuckle, exiled to Stockholm at the turn of the millenium. Canada wasn’t dark enough, so I came here, clearly the inspiration for Joseph Conrad’s tome.

Speaking of hearts of darkness, I’m a bitter optimist in my neatly twisted centre. I’ve had the handle Blitz since I was 15 and have endured or enjoyed every one of its possible uses.

A huggable Hobbit with a sarcastic bite,

both Frodo & Gollum in a package wound tight,

I won’t really hurt – though you’re sure that I might,

either way I’ll keep you wondering at night……

Nuance and precision. Those are two key features that define Ken’s writing. He has been fascinated with words his whole life and has developed into a finely honed wordsmith who does what he loves and loves what he does. He knows words are about conveying a message and a specific feeling and prides himself on hitting those linguistic bullseyes. From early school, through university, and under his working life his dedication to his written language has remained constant. Whether he is working on prose, poetry, song, fiction, legalese, or commercial copywriting his attention to detail and a well-crafted finished product never waivers.”

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