Round Robin Exercise – Sexual Abuse

Word of caution:  the posts contained within this family deal directly with sexual abuse. We are isolating this content from the rest of the site to avoid potential discomfort, avoid potential triggers of painful experiences for those who may be dealing with similar issues and because the subject matter does not tie in well with the rest of the site’s format (poetry and lighter essays).

These pieces were inspired by a recent comment made by a politician (quelle surprise) and were initially going to be folded into the Go Fuck Yourself Weekly series.  We decided that the stories were too compelling to be condensed and deserved to stand on their own merit.

Regrettably, these are deeply personal stories.  They are told from the first person by people who are not remotely capable of offering any form of counseling.  The best we can provide is an outlet to share experiences.  Comments will be closely moderated.  Random Misanthrope reserves the right to reject anything at, well, random.  Trolling will not be tolerated.  Neither will the use of anyone’s name or other identifying information.

Many thanks in advance.  We’re not sure what we’re going for here but we’re keen to see what develops.

2 thoughts on “Round Robin Exercise – Sexual Abuse

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