Seen, but not seen,
Just curves and flesh and skin,
As if no person lay within,
As if pain, violation, and distress,
Are void without acknowledged humanness,
No sense that your abusing her,
Will ripple through her whole future,
And furthermore it’s hardly rare,
Every woman for whom I care,
Sisters, friends, wives and lovers,
Even my departed mother,
Had at least one story or more,
Of incidents from years before,
Of men to whom they gave some trust,
To have it crushed through violent lust,
How is it that this became okay,
That mean thoughtless men can have their way,
Whilst society stands silently by,
Averting its patriarchal eye,
Pretending that it cannot see,
The rise of vicious misogyny,
I decry it with the strongest voice I can,
Tired of being ashamed to be a man.


4 thoughts on “SEEN, BUT NOT SEEN

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