Many moons ago, a group of ragtag nomads decided to build a cyberhome. We named our little corner of the universe Kang World and much hilarity ensued.  Then the evil High Priestess drove a stake through its little, beating heart thus declaring it and her wannabe writer dead.

Well…let’s just say that Raptor Jeebus isn’t the only one who has risen. Granted, it took us a couple of years, as opposed to a couple of days, but you cannot keep a good whore down.

For now, this will serve as the dumpster for the musings of an eclectic cadre of individuals with little in common other than the love for a country with dismal weather (fuck you and your bad clothes because, really, your weather is utter shit) and wordplay.  At some point, one of us may decide to legitimize this bastard child of a collective thought process.  Until then, we are gobbling your bandwidth via WordPress (that which is free and not a penny more, as it goes).

Enjoy the ride, kids.  It’s good to be back.

XO – Kangalangaloo

6 thoughts on “About

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  2. You’re a big fuckin’ excuse for a misanthrope in that you hate Jesus and perfectionism. Therefore, it makes you a damn hypocrite. So why don’t you just screw the shit out of your ass?

    • You know, it’s rare when I’m lacking for things to do these days. Manipulating the global economy *and* being a parent is really that time consuming (Don’t believe otherwise. Working mothers really can’t have it all. I sacrifice sleep.) But, when I do find myself with a spare moment, I will totally give screwing the shit out of my ass a try. It sounds like a do-it-yourself colonic and who doesn’t love dabbling in homeopathy?

      Unfortunately, fair commenter, you opted to remain anonymous. How am I to advise of the outcome of said endeavor? Or, selfishly, ask for tips? ¯\(°_o)/¯

      • Haha, commenting on a poster’s anonymity while going on the internet with a cringe-inducing handle like “High Priestess Kang”. Not to mention the last phrase, which is just a more pompous way of saying “Takes one to know one”. I’d make a reference here about “The pot calling the kettle black”, but it’d be interpreted by these cretins as racist. It’s painfully obvious that the “author” has a double-digit IQ, but as a kid thought everyone called her “special” because she was unique. The result is this train wreck of a blog on the web.

  3. The entire site, especially the bios, is pretty much one big circle jerk setup meant for the mutually beneficial pseudo-intellectual masturbation of a couple of SJWs and their attendant white knight. Not to mention a couple of home truths that should be pointed out in the date rape story, but I doubt you snowflakes could handle it.

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