Many moons ago, a group of ragtag nomads decided to build a cyberhome. We named our little corner of the universe Kang World and much hilarity ensued.  Then the evil High Priestess drove a stake through its little, beating heart thus declaring it and her wannabe writer dead.

Well…let’s just say that Raptor Jeebus isn’t the only one who has risen. Granted, it took us a couple of years, as opposed to a couple of days, but you cannot keep a good whore down.

For now, this will serve as the dumpster for the musings of an eclectic cadre of individuals with little in common other than the love for a country with dismal weather (fuck you and your bad clothes because, really, your weather is utter shit) and wordplay.  At some point, one of us may decide to legitimize this bastard child of a collective thought process.  Until then, we are gobbling your bandwidth via WordPress (that which is free and not a penny more, as it goes).

Enjoy the ride, kids.  It’s good to be back.

XO – Kangalangaloo

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English, motherfucker, do you speak it? J/K - it's ok if you don't.

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