Martina The Flight Attendant

I saw you for a fleeting moment on the airplane. I fell instantly in love with you. I wondered if you had a boyfriend. You must have. A beautiful woman always has somebody for company. I briefly imagined us together. Oh, how I would love you. Do all those things you see in romantic movies: Buy you flowers for no other reason than I love you; take you for long walks along Lake Geneva; have a picnic in the park.

I think about you, and I don’t know why. It’s not rational. But love is not rational. I wonder what you are doing at this moment, and where you are. Are you happy, or sad? What are you thinking? Did you notice me? Are you thinking about me, like I am about you? Probably not. Nobody ever notices me, especially beautiful women. You are what they call “out of my league.”

You were my flight attendant to Chicago, and my unrequited love. But if I had the money I would buy another business class ticket to Zurich just so that I could watch you work on your return journey.

Martina, I never even introduced myself, and I just got your name off your name tag. You see, I am shy, and unwise in the ways of love. But I want to thank you. I want to thank you for that brief happiness you brought into my life, by just existing. 

Money, Power, and Women

I’ve read several articles on the phenomenon that power or money, or both, usually attracts beautiful women.  Very rarely do you see a successful man being surrounded by a troll for a wife.  Now I can’t speak for whether or not a powerful homosexual male would be surrounded by an attractive male, because I’ve never really thought about it.  Perhaps my friend Paulo can elaborate if this phenomenon correlates to the gay community as well.

Anyhow, some social scientists say it is evolutionary that women are attracted to males that have power, which usually means that they have money as well, because it demonstrates that they can afford resources to provide for the woman and her offspring.  That is a very animal way of looking at things, but in a way I can understand that.  If a woman desires to have children, she wants them to have the best access to resources available, and a strong, powerful and successful male will be able to give her that.

If you look at some powerful politicians, how many sex scandals are they not involved in, usually involving beautiful young women?  Look at the Prime Minister of Italy, or Eliot Spitzer, et cetera.  I think power can also make you attractive.  If you take Prince William and Prince Harry, honestly, and just take away the fact that they are royalty, and just have them be regular Joes, they are really not that attractive.  At least in my opinion, but what do I know?  But add the royalty, the money, the fame, and they could probably have any women in the world that they so desired.  Of course I’m being simplistic in my reasoning, but you get the gist of what I’m saying.

For added emphasis, take a look at the First Ladies of Spain and France, aren’t they lovely?