My Well

There’s a well inside my core,
Used for one thing, nothing more,
To lock my deepest pain away,
So I don’t feel it every day,
Around the well my outer shell,
Filled with beauty, joy, troubles, strife,
The common stuff of daily life,
Most of the time I live up there,
Enjoying what life has to share,
But now and then there comes a twist,
I trip and stumble through the mist,
To the well, to visit pain so pure,
Is it bottomless? I’m never sure,
But I’m drawn back time and time again,
To revisit my heart’s pure pain,
There I wallow in what’s oft denied,
Till I slowly climb back up the side,
Leaving pain back down there on a shelf,
Till the cycle does repeat itself,
I return each time to the real world calling,
But worry one day I’ll just keep on falling……