How art thou crazy? Let me count the ways…

Of a picnic, thou art short of sandwiches, thus.
And in thy belfry resideth many bats.
Thy engine runneth, but hath no one behind the wheel.
Thou art a man of many cases; of head, and basket, and nut.
And verily misplaced by thee hath been thy marbles.
How lost thou art in space.
How lost is thy plot.
Away with the faerie folk thou hast flown.
In a canoe, thou art, but sadly missing the essential oars.
Thy faithful rocking chair hath deposited thee thus on the floor.
A cage of many pads is the place for thee,
Since thou believeth thyself to be a tweeting bird:
The Great Orange Crested Trump Tit.

Meta Sonnet

I once wrote down a poem about a cat.
Though, now I can’t recall that much of it.
Nor do I know exactly where it’s at.
T’would be nice to remember just a bit.

It was a sonnet, Shakespeare’s preferred form.
Those twelve iambic lines of pentameter.
Capped with a rhyming couplet, as the norm.
To delight and to charm the gentle reader.

When I was seventeen, I wrote it down.
A high school lass with still a lot to learn.
With little on my mind but my prom gown.
T’was then the poet’s flame began to burn.

I wish would have left myself a note.
For that was the first poem I ever wrote.

Roses are Red (Shakespearian version)

(inspired by M’Lady Gwenyth….. 😉  )

Those fragrant blossoms red that are the same though they may go by any other name,
E’en indeed those enchanting violets blue, yea verily, I include them too,
That dextrous sugar, of questionable fame, which can hide poison in evil’s game,
Forsooth, anon, this much is true, none of these things compares to you.

Here are some interesting facts about the number 37…

…in honor of it being my 37th birthday. 🙂

“It is a prime number, the fifth lucky prime, the first irregular prime, the third unique prime and the third cuban prime of the form.”

Now, I know what a prime number is but I have no idea what the rest of that stuff is. I’m especially curious about the “cuban prime” and find myself wondering if it’s Numero Uno de Cuba, Fidel Castro?

Probably not.

“It’s the normal human body temperature in degrees Celsius.”

Very useful information, indeed.

“New General Catalog (NGC 37) is a lenticular galaxy located in the Phoenix constellation. It is approximately 42 kiloparsecs (137,000 light-years) in diameter and about 12.9 billion years old.

Here’s a picture of it:

Here’s a closeup of something really far away














37 is also:

“The number of plays William Shakespeare is thought to have written (counting Henry IV as three parts).”

“The [former] international dialing code of the German Democratic Republic (aka East Germany)”

“Kevin Smith’s Clerks’ Dante Hicks’ girlfriend Veronica’s number of former boyfriends with whom she performed fellatio.”

(Thanks, Wikipedia)