Alas, poor Ken! I know thee well…

To think not to think,
In rhyme, base or divine.
Ken, ’tis all thy fault,
This rhyming assault.
Thou art the chief offender,
The founding club member.
Suffer we must,
For all thy rhymes,
Through all the good,
And the bad times.

2 thoughts on “Alas, poor Ken! I know thee well…

  1. GUILTY!
    I admit that I feel no sense of shame,
    When I am shouldering this rhyming blame,
    I just feel life is sweeter,
    When it’s measured in meter,
    Be it trochaic or iambic by name.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more,
      I’m simply unable to ignore,
      The rhymes when they come,
      Either written or sung,
      What else is a poet good for?

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