Here are some interesting facts about the number 37…

…in honor of it being my 37th birthday. 🙂

“It is a prime number, the fifth lucky prime, the first irregular prime, the third unique prime and the third cuban prime of the form.”

Now, I know what a prime number is but I have no idea what the rest of that stuff is. I’m especially curious about the “cuban prime” and find myself wondering if it’s Numero Uno de Cuba, Fidel Castro?

Probably not.

“It’s the normal human body temperature in degrees Celsius.”

Very useful information, indeed.

“New General Catalog (NGC 37) is a lenticular galaxy located in the Phoenix constellation. It is approximately 42 kiloparsecs (137,000 light-years) in diameter and about 12.9 billion years old.

Here’s a picture of it:

Here’s a closeup of something really far away














37 is also:

“The number of plays William Shakespeare is thought to have written (counting Henry IV as three parts).”

“The [former] international dialing code of the German Democratic Republic (aka East Germany)”

“Kevin Smith’s Clerks’ Dante Hicks’ girlfriend Veronica’s number of former boyfriends with whom she performed fellatio.”

(Thanks, Wikipedia)

7 thoughts on “Here are some interesting facts about the number 37…

    • Thanks! Now why didn’t I think of that? It’s more fun to try and guess than to actually look it up. 🙂

  1. Hmmm. Does one perform fellatio “with” someone, or “on” someone. I presumed that “with” meant more than one person performing the act simultaneously “on” one person.
    Ah, the semantics of sex. 😉

    • If I recall, the phrase “perform fellatio” was not actually used in the film. Instead it was “my girlfriend sucked 37 dicks!!” or something to that effect. However, if I insisted on total grammatical accuracy, I’d say that the correct preposition should be ‘on’ and not ‘with’ because (as you pointed) it’s an act that is performed on someone, and not with someone, unless it’s some kind of fellatio team effort.

  2. i wish i knew everything when it does not even happen plus i wish id get older faster cause im 27 and i wish i had a vr headset because whats youtuber without a headset;-;

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