Hope and I, we’ve worked it out,
sort of struck ourselves a deal.
we know what it’s all about.
what’s a pipe dream, and what’s real.
I’ve agreed to not invest too much,
to not believe like I was blind.
Hope knows that sometimes it’s a crutch,
that’s a role it doesn’t mind,
but Hope will not be overstated,
not be cheapened or abused.
it will go on unabated,
if for a noble purpose used.
So Hope states clearly it will stay,
as long as I know how to see,
and if I work hard to find a way,
it never will abandon me.

Kicking Hope

Drink to me with thine eyes, and I will pledge with mine. Or leave a kiss but in the cup. And I'll not ask for wine.

A tiny little spark of hope.
It lives inside of me.
In one corner of my cracked heart.
One wonders why it’s still there.
Why pain and disappointment,
Didn’t kill it off a long time ago.
Yet, there it is, bright and alive.
And kicking me from time to time.
Encouraging me to do things,
That I really had no business doing.
Come on, try it! You never know…
Most of the time it ends with,
The crushing humiliation of failure.
I know that this might happen.
And yet I do it, nonetheless.
Sometimes I wish this kicking hope,
Would sparkle itself out.
Just go away and leave me alone.
For it causes me more pain,
Than pain ever did.



Taking energy from today,
To think about tomorrow,
A sort of twisted way to pray,
For calamity and sorrow.


Taking energy from today,
Wishing for better tomorrow,
A slightly more positive way,
But still energy you borrow.


Hope is worry in sheep’s clothing,
Discontented positive spin,
Forget what tomorrow will bring,
Live fully the day that you’re in!