Taking energy from today,
To think about tomorrow,
A sort of twisted way to pray,
For calamity and sorrow.


Taking energy from today,
Wishing for better tomorrow,
A slightly more positive way,
But still energy you borrow.


Hope is worry in sheep’s clothing,
Discontented positive spin,
Forget what tomorrow will bring,
Live fully the day that you’re in!

2 thoughts on “HOPE & WORRY

  1. An excellent philosophy, indeed! Hope and worry are two sides of the same coin. They both remove any agency or capability from you and place it in the hands of an outside agent. Hope and prayer are one and the same thing, really. I’ve always believed that if you want things to change then you should do what you can to make them change, and not wait or worry or hope for “something to happen.” It probably won’t be what you had in mind, anyway.

  2. It sounds so simple when you say it, haha. I think I have lived under the illusion of hope in some areas of my life for a long time. You are bang on the money, it is today, and what I do today that matters, not relying on others or outside forces, whatever they may be.

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