Bunny Inc.

An Easter day all bright and sunny, Preparing for the Easter bunny,
That comes up from his little hole, And gives out all the eggs he stole,
He hops around, does all the playing, While hens work to do all the laying,
Their product’s great, fine execution, But they know naught of distribution,
So bunny put two and two together, A perfect blend of fur and feather,
With some savvy market tricks, He threw some chocolate in the mix,
Through work and brains and dedication, He brought the world a new creation,
So Happy Easter, With a nod and wink,
All brought to you by Bunny Inc.

…om nom nom!

Yes.  I should be making a proper Passover dinner.  Instead, I spent some time at Target stocking up on plastic eggs and candy for Milkface’s school.  I am the worst Jew in the world.

Anyhooo…I don’t have much to say as my mouth is full of sweet delight and it’s impolite to talk with your mouth full.