Organic Change

organic change
comes naturally
a process that
one cannot see
Yet it goes on
there is no doubt
if nourished from
the inside out
change is the fruit
of this process
though will not come
under duress
but in its time
it comes for sure
strong and clear
ripe and mature
change you can trust
organic fruit
from nourishing
down to the root

21 thoughts on “Organic Change

  1. While I do believe in taking charge of one’s own destiny, it often happens that the most profound changes in one’s life happen unexpectedly and organically. You weren’t even looking for it but there it was. That’s how I ended up living in Sweden. Looking back it seems a strange but at the same time totally logical journey.

  2. Thanks all! Yeah, that’s just what I’m on about, those changes that are so natural, you don’t even see them coming, but they make complete sense when they do.

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