I have always been a total dork.

I am a NERD.
As a kid, I often heard that word,
And I recall how hearing it,
Would anger and upset me.
And how they used to look my way,
And immediately forget me.

They never really saw my face.
Huge glasses took up half the space.
And kids who’d been friends years before,
Suddenly weren’t friends anymore.
Too embarrassed to talk to me,
Or even to be seen with me.

Saying hi was all it took,
For them to give a dirty look.
Don’t talk to me. You are not cool.
You do not exist at this school.
You are nothing. You are a NERD.

There it is.
That word again.
That hated, hated word.

But the thing is…

I really am a NERD.
Of that there is no doubt.
No longer do I hate the word.
For being a NERD is what I’m All About.
I never will be cool. I am a NERD.
And I’m okay with it.

Truth be told, I am a NERD
And pretty damn proud of it.

24 thoughts on “NERD

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  2. This is so charming. My husband is a nerd, I love nerds! And you no what I am pretty damn lame myself, my husband says I am more of dork whatever the difference might be 😛

    • Love is such as a strong word, though. I’m not sure if I entirely love myself but I have learned to be more accepting of myself as an uncool freak. Glad you liked the piece!

  3. As my husband says, “We are all nerds in some way… nerd on!” The term doesn’t mean what it did 20 years ago, and it’s good to see you embracing that part which brings you here to share with us.

    • Yes! Nerd solidarity! As you can see from the photo I posted, my hair was curled, which in my opinion made me look even more dorky.

    • In the words (paraphrased, anyway) of Gilbert from Revenge of the Nerds, “I’ve some news for all the beautiful people out there. There are more of us than there are of you.”

  4. Your poem brings back a lot of junior high school memories. I was a nerd with big glasses too. For whatever reason, my fellow nerds and I were the worst behaved kids in the school and quite popular. We had all of the fun. Good times! Beauty comes in all shades or types, and your poem expresses that.

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