Ever had a bargument?
Sure you have, you know it!
A few drinks at the local pub
and your logic starts to show it
taking stands you never would
if you were clean and sober
but suddenly it’s clear to see
the chip there on your shoulder
you think you’ve a point to make
so you’re damned well gonna make it
then you see there’s a pint to take
though you really shouldn’t take it
you dig your heels in and
as the night goes on just more so
the silver lining being
you’ll not remember it tomorrow.

One thought on “Bargument

  1. Oh yes. There’s a certain type of drinker who gets more and more argumentative and obnoxious the more they have to drink. And before you (or they) know it, they are saying a lot of things to a lot of people that they really shouldn’t. I found this out about one of my colleagues at a grill party last week.

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