WOTD: nerdjacking

Once again I have the Urban Dictionary to thank for today’s word. It never fails to disappoint.

Continuing with this weekend’s nerd theme, today’s word is a particular phenomenon, whereby one momentarily and unwittingly engages others in nerdy topics of conversation despite and often in complete obliviousness to a total lack of understanding or interest on the part of the listener.

Clyde held Stella’s attention briefly, until he began nerdjacking the conversation by talking about World of Warcraft for four uncomfortable minutes.

This is apparently one of the most common symptoms of Asperger Syndrome.

More on that later…

2 thoughts on “WOTD: nerdjacking

  1. Oh man, I have been nerdjacked many times, often at a bar. Almost an offshoot of barguments. Difference is barguments raise your blood pressure, and nerdjacking has the potential to put you to sleep.

    • If there isn’t already a sports-related version of this phenomenon, then there totally should be. There have been many times when I’ve been chatting with someone (usually a male) and then without warning he starts asking me or others in the immediate vicinity about some kind of athletic contest that apparently occurred the night before. When none of us answers in the affirmative he then proceeds to talk about how awesome the event was anyway. Awkward…

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