The Flower-Seller’s Tent

steven hahn flower-seller's tentWarm inside the flower-seller’s tent
where I hide from the cold
stretching out my intent
to eventually purchase
a flower or two
but only after inspecting each plant through and through
as the seller harangues with his jovial taunt
I say with a smile….
“when I see it well then I’ll know just what I want!”
but after a while his tone becomes terse
so I finally take the few coins in my purse
and gladiolas in hand, with my last money spent
I return to the cold from the flower-seller’s tent.

Heading ‘Holm

I’m heading ‘Holm this weekend,
For Ken’s fiftieth birthday bash.
He’s giving guests a party,
And me a place to crash.
I’m heading ‘Holm this weekend,
On the high speed train, first class.
Much joy and jubliation,
Will surely come to pass.
I’m heading ‘Holm this weekend,
With great anticipation.
Just hope that I can figure out,
Stockholm’s public transportation.