Saturday at IKEA

Saturday at IKEA,
Can never be fun,
The crowds and the stress,
That I usually shun,
Furniture to assemble,
All packaged and spun,
But who’ll put me together,
After I’m done?

9 thoughts on “Saturday at IKEA

  1. Tell me about it. One of the most physically demanding things I’ve ever done was replace our sofas. We had to rent a trailer, schlep the new flat-packed sofas into it, then home, then up the stairs and into the apartment. Tobbe got half way up the last flight of stairs with the second sofa and sat down, utterly spent and exhausted. He was done.

    While he and his dad took the old sofas to the city dump, I assembled and placed the new ones. I suppose it was worth it though. But man, it was hard work.

  2. There are so many people, half of home are trying to get things done, and half of whom seem to be wandering around like zombies with no sense of purpose. Working our way towards the front where the cash is I felt like cattle and literally started mooing.

  3. Enjoyed reading and couldn’t agree more. I’m done with going out in zombie infested stores, where no one seems to know what the heck they’re doing there. Loving choosing furniture, by myself, but hate making arrangements to get it home, helping to unload and later trying to put together what needs putting together. I’m done. I’ve started paying my nieces to do that for me. They know what I like, so I leave all the poop to them. I just get to come home and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

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