Heading ‘Holm

I’m heading ‘Holm this weekend,
For Ken’s fiftieth birthday bash.
He’s giving guests a party,
And me a place to crash.
I’m heading ‘Holm this weekend,
On the high speed train, first class.
Much joy and jubliation,
Will surely come to pass.
I’m heading ‘Holm this weekend,
With great anticipation.
Just hope that I can figure out,
Stockholm’s public transportation.

4 thoughts on “Heading ‘Holm

  1. Haha, well done!
    Looking forward to you here,
    The place is stocked – food, wine & beer,
    Transporation’s easily sussed,
    You’ll first be tubed, then duly bussed!

  2. I’m used to using public transport so I’m sure I’ll be able to figure it out. I printed out a map off Eniro and instructions off of SL’s website, just in case. Should hopefully be there tomorrow around one or two at the latest.

    • It’s easy. T-bana from T-centralen towards Farsta or Hägsätra. Get off at Gullmarsplan. Take the 873 towards Nyfors. Get off at the second last stop which is called Krusbodatorg. The stop before it is Lummergången or something similar. It’ll take about 20-25 minutes, depending on whether the driver has to pee or not.

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