Seven Deadly Sins?

Envy, pride, lust, greed,
Anger, sloth and gluttony,
That’s all you got?
Those seven wee?
I break more than that
before afternoon tea.
Those aren’t sins,
They’re just  states of mind,
Judge me by my actions,
Not my thoughts,
And you’ll find,
I don’t do the things
that I think actually,
Tends to stop me,
From letting you see,
Just how it would be,
If I acted on envy, pride, lust, and greed,
Anger, sloth, and gluttony.

Twenty-First-Century Sins

Isn’t about time that we created,
A list of Deadly Sins updated?
Since Pride and Lust are now okay.
Gluttony, Sloth: the modern way!
Greed and Envy run the economy.
And Wrath is much preferred to apathy.
So Apathy belongs on the modern list.
As well as Douchebaggery and Ignorance.
I’ve thought of three, but I’m not sure
If we really truly need four more.
But if we do, then don’t despair.
What other twenty-first-century sins are there?