Twenty-First-Century Sins

Isn’t about time that we created,
A list of Deadly Sins updated?
Since Pride and Lust are now okay.
Gluttony, Sloth: the modern way!
Greed and Envy run the economy.
And Wrath is much preferred to apathy.
So Apathy belongs on the modern list.
As well as Douchebaggery and Ignorance.
I’ve thought of three, but I’m not sure
If we really truly need four more.
But if we do, then don’t despair.
What other twenty-first-century sins are there?

7 thoughts on “Twenty-First-Century Sins

  1. This is so good, and truly needed. Maybe, instead of a list, hard-carved in stone, we need an ongoing conversation like this one — a progressive poetry of sins to avoid for our modern times, and those to come?

    • That’s what I think as well. The original carved in stone list stopped being relevant a long time ago. What we need is something more progressive. Our century and all its baggage moves at such a fast pace now. We need something more adapable. Thank you for leaving such a great comment!

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