Famous Paintings Improved by Cats

The other day I was bored and asked my Facebook friends to help me occupy my brain. Very few of them picked up on the Ozzy reference, but I was directed to a post on the Ned Hardy site, which I must say, features some of the most chair falling off hilarious pictures I’ve ever seen. Here’s an example:

I can think of very little that wouldn't be improved by the addition of a large orange tabby cat.

To see more painting improvement, visit the page.

Little Plastic Junkie

I think it’s quite fantastic,
That my kitty cat licks plastic.
Drop a grocery bag, she’ll grab it.
And indulge her plastic habit.
I’m not sure what to make of it.
She’ll lick until away you take it.
Produce bags, they’re her favorite.
But is this normal cat behavior?
Should I be worried? Asking why?
Does it taste good? Make her high?
She swears she’s not addicted.
Can stop at any time she wanted.
But the sad truth is, my kitty,
Is a little plastic junkie.