Utterly disgusting…

…and disgraceful.

Sorry about the pause in the WOTD posts. They’ll resume shortly. I do have one or two things to say about what can only be described as completely apathetic incompetence. Tomorrow is graduation day at my school so today I’ve been really involved in getting everything set up and ready. For the 68 graduating students we set up two big long tables with nice festive table cloths, balloons and streamers. We hung nautical signal flags over them, and Douglas hung up some more flags on the walls, for Germany, Ireland, France, Sweden, and the UK, to emphasize the international aspect of our school.

(But we do have two teachers from the States and one from Bolivia, but neither North nor South America will be represented by their countries’ respective flags. Hmm…must do something about that for next year.)

The students will be served a buffet lunch tomorrow and we’ve borrowed the dishes, cups, and utensils from the cafeteria downstairs. They were delivered around four in the afternoon and right away I noticed that the plates didn’t look very clean. I picked up one plate and noticed several little black specks on it that turned out to be dead fruit flies.Then I found another plate that had a huge streak of yellow grease on it. What the fuck? Did they send us their dirty plates by mistake (or not)? Further inspection of the remainder of the plates revealed more dead bugs, more grease, and various bits of dried food that hadn’t come off. This was totally unacceptable. I still haven’t looked at the cups and utensils. I’m kind of afraid to.

Anyway, by this time the cafeteria was closed so it was too late to send the stuff back and get clean replacements.One of my colleagues (who must be as blind as a fucking bat) had already begun putting the plates on the table, so I told him to stop and gather them all up again. I said we’re going to have to wash every single one of these plates and possibly all the cups and utensils. He wasn’t too happy to hear that.

But what choice do we have? I wouldn’t serve a dog food on one of those plates.

By the way, the same cafeteria that provided the dirty plates will also be providing tomorrow’s food. Ugh…

To the Graduating Class of 2011

Why should you listen to what I say?
I’m not that important anyway.
Who am I to tell all of you,
What you should or should not do?

I should probably give you some advice,
Like maybe use sunscreen once or twice.
But I know you’d soon forget it,
(Though, if you do you may regret it…)

Words of inspiration are hard to find.
They’re buried deep within my mind.
Our emotions are deep and elemental,
And words are merely sentimental.

They do not express the way I feel,
And cannot make the feelings real.
But the things that you don’t know about,
You’ll soon have that all figured out.

Still, you’ve heard all of this before,
So I don’t really need to talk anymore.
Your time here ends, and with any luck,
You won’t look back and think it sucked.

On Graduation Hat Day…

I’m back, everyone! Mark and Erika say hello. I’ve been working on my Graduation Hat Day poem since I got back this afternoon, with a lot of help from Master Poet Ken. Here’s what I’ve come up with so far:

With many friends throughout the years,
You’ve shared laughter and shared tears.
Worked and studied very hard,
And spent some time in the schoolyard.
We teachers try our best to educate,
So that all of you can graduate.
It is very often hard, although,
It is to help you grow, and know,
That we wouldn’t put you through it,
If we did not know that you could do it.
It may feel like years ‘till the big day,
But it’s really only weeks away.
When they see that hat upon your head,
Many tears of pride and joy will be shed.