On Graduation Hat Day…

I’m back, everyone! Mark and Erika say hello. I’ve been working on my Graduation Hat Day poem since I got back this afternoon, with a lot of help from Master Poet Ken. Here’s what I’ve come up with so far:

With many friends throughout the years,
You’ve shared laughter and shared tears.
Worked and studied very hard,
And spent some time in the schoolyard.
We teachers try our best to educate,
So that all of you can graduate.
It is very often hard, although,
It is to help you grow, and know,
That we wouldn’t put you through it,
If we did not know that you could do it.
It may feel like years ‘till the big day,
But it’s really only weeks away.
When they see that hat upon your head,
Many tears of pride and joy will be shed.

3 thoughts on “On Graduation Hat Day…

  1. I love “we wouldn’t put you through it, if we didn’t know that you could do it.”

    Just finished responding to my neice’s FB post where she said she doesn’t want to go to school. My response:
    “Good news! You don’t have to WANT to, you only have to do so!”
    I’m sure she feels much much better now. ;o)

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