…sharing is good

or maybe not.

The director of Milkface’s school dropped her eldest daughter off at a Girl Scouts meeting across the street.  We ran into each other outside and it would be painfully rude (and entirely un-Southern) of me if I did not invite her and her youngest daughter, also a classmate of Milky’s, into our home.

Milky’s face filled with joy as he saw one of his most favorite adults standing in the foyer. We released the hounds (children) in the living room for some quick play time.  Milky’s classmate spies his drum and immediately zeros in on it, much to Milky’s chagrin.  Milky let out a loud howl, grabbed the drum and chastised his friend with a stern “MINE!” Lovely.

Granted, Milky has never had a toddler his own age over to the house for a playdate so the concept of sharing his toys, as opposed to school toys, is entirely foreign to him.  That said – what horrible manners this feral toddler has!

All of this brings me to today’s internet funny.  Clearly I have a few more years of “MINE” howling to contend with.

2 thoughts on “…sharing is good

  1. Come on now! It’s that well developed sense of possession that has spurred on the progress of the western world! 😉
    Besides, it was drum, not just any old toy. Crazy girl. You don’t just grab a guy’s drum.

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