Autumn Introspection

Autumn Path










A few leaves still remain,
Stubbornly refusing to fall.
Though most of their kin
Have already formed
A pretty orange carpet
On the forest floor.

The old leaves have to go
Eventually, or else
They’ll die clinging,
Shriveled and brown
To the branch of the tree.

The tree knows all about
Letting go.
It knows that life
Cannot be renewed unless
One first removes the old,
And the dead.

Such is the life of a tree.
Such is life.

This Wind!

Wow! This wind today is really blowing!
It sure gets the autumn spirit going,
Time for hats, gloves, scarves, and a thermal cup,
And maybe even turn your collar up,
Because this wind here is no warm summer breeze,
It’s a blast designed to blow leaves off trees,
Items now should be placed in winter’s store,
Before this wind blows around even more,
It could take your chairs, your outside table,
Challenge a shingle or two, and gable,
Maybe reach further, blowing things away,
There goes a thought that I had yesterday!
Blowing branches, leaves, all kinds of rubble,
And whoosh! There goes a big pile of trouble!
It’s really cleansing, this autumnal blast,
Whoosh! There go some old pieces of my past!
Batten the hatches! Autumn is coming!
Seems like all kinds of changes are coming!