It’s feeling rather hot.
Though, truth be told, it’s not.
It’s a lovely breezy day.
Not at all like in LA.

Where the desert heat distresses,
And the summer months oppress us.
From the summertime we hide,
‘Cause it’s too hot to go outside.

To say it’s hot feels somehow wrong,
I’ve been in Sweden far too long.

Laws Governing Volcanoes

In future we would like to see,
Some consideration Mr. V,
We have our own lives you know,
So tell us when you’re going to blow,
It’s unacceptable bravada,
To suddenly spew ash and lava,
As if we’ve naught better to do,
Then rearrange our plans for you,
We’re impressed by your awesome power,
But before your next ashy shower,
Please provide notice if you can,
So we can change a travel plan,
Let us know if you’ll blow your top,
Hey, what’re you doing?
No, not now, STOP!

…central north carolina tornadoes

We have some wacky weather in the Tarheel State.  For example, stand in your front yard where it is sunny and look across the street at your neighbor’s home to see rain. There’s not much snow but we have snice (snow and ice mix).  The humidity in the summertime defies description and how people lived here before air conditioning mystifies me.  We have hurricanes.

Seldom, if ever, do we have tornadoes in this part of the state.  The last tornado to tag Raleigh visited in 1988.  I used to live in a house that hosted that tornado for tea. Before that, it was 1984.

Then there was yesterday.  Late afternoon came the beast that ate the piedmont.  The estimate of fatalities stands at two dozen as I write this post.  According to the most recent report, a total of 62 tornadoes touched down.

Mother Nature’s fury cannot quite be captured in words.  One needs pictures to process the destruction.  Far be it from me to not deliver.

More information on the storm can be found at WRAL’s website.  The viewer submitted photos are astonishing.

The pink streaks are the paths of the tornadoes.

The storm rolls into downtown Raleigh.

Debris litters downtown Raleigh.

Highway 42 outside of Sanford, NC.

Lowe’s home improvement store, a big box retailer, in Sanford, NC.

Hillsborough Street, Raleigh, NC (outside of Dock Ellis’ office).