It’s feeling rather hot.
Though, truth be told, it’s not.
It’s a lovely breezy day.
Not at all like in LA.

Where the desert heat distresses,
And the summer months oppress us.
From the summertime we hide,
‘Cause it’s too hot to go outside.

To say it’s hot feels somehow wrong,
I’ve been in Sweden far too long.

2 thoughts on “Summermild

  1. Quite so! I am about to experience a Toronto summer for the first time since 2001 and part of me is dreading it. I am going to melt. I realise I have completely forgotten what real heat and oppressive humidity feels like!
    (Love the distresses/oppress us bit by the way….)

  2. Thanks! The last time I experienced a real summer was in June of 2008, when Tobias and I went to California and Arizona for my brother’s wedding and my sister’s graduation. It was unbelievably hot in California. I recall it was in the 90s Fahrenheit. Arizona is known for its heat though we didn’t stay in famously hot Phoenix. The wedding was in Sedona, much higher in elevation, but it was still uncomfortably warm. Thank god for air conditioning.

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