…the more radical the bumpersticker

…the bigger the hoopty.

I am not sure if this is a regional phenomenon or if it’s a widespread epidemic.  There seems to be a distinct relationship between bumperstickers and cars.  Primarily the bumperstickers screaming a pro-life agenda or screaming about how science is evil.   On my way to the pharmacy for a refill, I had the esteemed privilege of following a raging pro-lifer who also wants to end fetal testing.  Of course, it was on a piece of shit, Sanford and Son mobile that was held together by duct tape and driven by a knuckle-dragging, frizzy haired inbred with a tremendous underbite.

Yes.  This is exactly the type of person who deserves a say on all things scientific, amirite?

What kind of Good Christian would wish a debilitating disease like Tay-Sachs on anyone (parent or child)?  Are these people so fucking clueless that science is now, officially, the root of all evil and that humans should needlessly suffer because some mystical book says so?

Now, I realize that I’m a Mid-Atlantic, Liberal Elitest who grew up on the periphery of a big, big city among those who can fucking read and marry someone with a different surname, but surely geography isn’t the driving factor in one’s intelligence.  Or is it?

To those who eschew science in the name of the LAWD, here’s a bit of advice:  don’t want the tests?  Don’t have them.  Carry on and pray for our condemned, technology embracing souls.  Don’t foist your bullshit, neaderthalic beliefs on those of us who do.

And…for fuck’s sake…buy a goddamned car that is road worthy.  Not only are your beliefs scary but so is sharing the road with you.

3 thoughts on “…the more radical the bumpersticker

  1. I once toyed with the idea of getting one that said: “Gun Control means using two hands.” But then again I didn’t want cops to pull me over all the time and ask if I had any guns LOL

  2. Well say what you will about Jehovah’s Witnesses, at least they’re not going around campaigning against other people’s rights to have blood transfusions. You’re bang on the money: You don’t want it? Fine, just stay out of my life.

  3. I once wrote a paper about “bumper sticker journalism” when I was in college. It was for an art and design/media class. I conducted some blatantly non-objective research by taking a survey of what kind of bumper stickers one sees in the parking lot at Wal Mart and likewise at the local organic grocery store. The difference was astonishingly predictable but it sure was fun doing that project. The paper practically wrote itself. My conclusion was that there were/are misguided douchebags in both groups. What the hell do they hope to achieve by pasting their opinions, or what they want others to perceive as their opinions, on the back of their cars?

    Thankfully this phenomenon doesn’t seem to exist here.

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