Every Raindrop

Sitting in the park
At an outdoor venue
Just over an hour before the show should start
And it starts to rain
People hoping it will stop.
They scurry
In surpressed panic
Covering heads and picnics
Popping up umbrellas
I close my eyes
Tilt my head
And try to feel every separate drop.

4 thoughts on “Every Raindrop

    • It was a wonderful moment really. People were all “oh me, oh my”, scurrying about. It wasn’t a downpour, just a steady rain, so I looked up and closed my eyes and wondered if I could feel every drop as it hit me. Sounds a bit flighty I guess, but it was a very “in the moment” moment. It was fun!

  1. This was so me. When it starts to rain, I’m the odd one that takes off her raincoat and starts trying to catch the raindrops on my tongue or if I’m inside I tear off outside just to feel the rain on my skin, dripping down my face. I’m like a little kid; rain doesn’t ruin anything for me, it makes it so much better.
    Thanks for sharing and have a wonderfully blessed week!

    • Thanks so much! I’m glad it touched you! I love the rain. When it rains at night I am prone to waiting until after midnight, and then turning off my porchlight to spare the neighbours, and then sneaking out naked in the rain for a few minutes. Wonderful!

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