The Best Laid Plans…

The best laid plans of mice and men,
Now how the fuck does that go again?
Oh yeah,
The point you least expect it’s when,
Life will knock you for a loop and then,
For reasons quite beyond my ken,
Will boot you in the abdomen,
Make you say uncle, and amen,
And before you can count to ten,
Take you from behind my friend,
Laughing all the while like a cackling hen!

8 thoughts on “The Best Laid Plans…

  1. I take your point,
    Know what you mean.
    But the quote is really,
    “Best laid schemes.”
    From “To a Mouse,”
    Often misquoted,
    And corrected by,
    The Burns devoted.

    • I’m sure you do. We’ve all been there at some point my friend. Sometimes you want to scream at life: “You want a piece of me? YOU WANT A PIECE OF ME!?!?!” Or that great line from the movie Network where everyone opens their windows at the prompting of the newsreader and screams “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not gonna take it anymore!”

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