Falling Evil

It almost sounds kind of cool, doesn’t it?
That’s what they used to call epilepsy.
Also the Falling Sickness or Disease.
But Falling Evil is my favorite.
It’s so irrational, so Dark Ages.
To the unreasonable and unprepared,
It must have looked suspiciously,
Like one was possessed by the devil.
As soon as the poor bewildered fallen one,
Recovers from her seizure,
She is seized upon again by an angry mob,
Shouting, “Burn the Witch!”
Survival of the Fittest for humans,
Hastened by superstitious paranoia.

2 thoughts on “Falling Evil

    • For all the good its done, the internet is also responsible for a lot of misinformation and paranoia. There are websites for every pseudo-scientific and conspiracy theory you can think of. Vaccines cause autism, you know. I read about it on the internet so it must be true.

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