A tender virility,
That is masculinity,
Not soft without, hard within,
Nor soft with a hardened skin,
No, instead a careful blend,
Can stand tall, yet make amend,
Defend, but still listen near,
Lend a sympathetic ear,
Standing  fast when need be,
Protecting friend and family,
Not blindly, but with thought and care,
Loyalty that lingers there,
This is masculinity,
A tender virility.

8 thoughts on “MASCULINITY

  1. Beautiful, Ken. I love the symmetry of this piece. And the sentiments expressed therein aren’t bad either. 😉

  2. Loved this! I think this is a truer definition of what masculinity is or rather should be. Tender virility, caring, protective, loyal. Wow!! The entire piece was wonderful, but these words grabbed me and made me wish all men could be like this without thinking of it as a weakness.
    Awesomely done! Be blessed.

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