one day won’t do

i’ve got a womb
so it’s asssumed
i need a day
though i must say
one day won’t do
neither will two
what i really need
is a good deed
i need a fight
for equal rights
so keep your day
give us equal pay
and keep your cards
instead work hard
make them aware
just get out there
make it less grim
for international women


A tender virility,
That is masculinity,
Not soft without, hard within,
Nor soft with a hardened skin,
No, instead a careful blend,
Can stand tall, yet make amend,
Defend, but still listen near,
Lend a sympathetic ear,
Standing  fast when need be,
Protecting friend and family,
Not blindly, but with thought and care,
Loyalty that lingers there,
This is masculinity,
A tender virility.