Will it happen when I least expect it?
Leaving no time to dissect it,
Or reflect upon its meaning or its way?
Or will those around me seem to know,
Somehow see a shadow grow,
But never find just the right words to say?
Will I even be aware that suddenly it’s sitting there?
That where nothing was it slipped into the void?
Or will I be all overcome, wondering where it’s coming from,
Fumbling from relief to being slightly annoyed?

7 thoughts on “IT

  1. Goodness, Ken. This piece is kind of dark and scary in the finest H.P. Lovecraftian way. I’m picturing a huge dark ‘whatever it is’ in the corner of the room, like some kind of sinister elephant.

    • Thanks! I’m not completely sure myself what it’s about, although I realised it could very well be about death. Though maybe it could equally be about love. 😉

  2. For some reason I envisioned the it from the Blob with Steve McQueen, only the scarier version. Arghhh! Made me start looking around the room and I got up and locked my door; I read this after chasing my brother out of my room for telling me about the undead series he’s watching. He freaked me out and then you almost sent me over the edge. LOL! Thanks!

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