Mother Nature is a cruel bitch, baby!

The title of this post is a recurring line from the song, “Mother Nature” by Swedish artist, Andi Almqvist. I usually don’t do music reviews or recommendations but, seriously folks, you gotta listen to this guy. His hauntingly beautiful lyrics are the result of a personal tragedy of the worst kind, the death of his son.

Here are a couple of selections, “Mother Nature”

And “Low Dive Jenny.” This one gives me the shivers.

2 thoughts on “Mother Nature is a cruel bitch, baby!

  1. Very good! He’s joined José González on my Official List Of Swedish Singers Who Don’t Suck, and thanks for the tip!

  2. I highly recommend the album, Red Room Stories. These two songs plus the tenderly heartbreaking ballad, “Red Room” are on it.

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