Les Jeans Bleu

My French, I know,
Is beaucoup bad.
So, please pardonnez.
Mais oui, c’est vrais.

But it is an homage,
(Another French word)
To those trousers blue,
Worn by me and you.

We think of them,
As American, but,
They came from France,
Those indigo pants.

More precisely from,
La Ville de Nîmes.
From whence denim came,
And got its name.

So I’d just like to say,
Merci beaucoup.
Sans jeans I’d be nude,
And I’d hate to be rude.

21 thoughts on “Les Jeans Bleu

  1. Thanks, Ken! I was inspired by a worksheet we did in one of my English lessons today. It was about blue jeans, their history, where the denim fabric came from, etc. At one point they were part of the uniform of a US Navy sailor. They also used to be prison togs. Now pretty much everyone from everywhere wears them.

    • I always try to end each piece I write with a little “stinger,” something to confuse or delight the reader, or to give him or her something to think about.

  2. I love poetry that incorporates and mingles different languages. Excellent job! I have only done this once and it is the #1 post on my blog. So others must love it too. You have inspired me to give it another try! Thanx for your post.

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