A gentle reminder…

Those of us living by the sea,
Are at Mother Nature’s mercy.
A storm blew through,
And reminded us who,
Really runs the show.
It’s Mother Nature, you know.
She’s so unkind, so cruel.
We may think we rule,
But when up to your neck,
In water, all your tech,
Won’t do a thing. Yesterday,
It was nature, all the way…

Mother Nature is a cruel bitch, baby!

The title of this post is a recurring line from the song, “Mother Nature” by Swedish artist, Andi Almqvist. I usually don’t do music reviews or recommendations but, seriously folks, you gotta listen to this guy. His hauntingly beautiful lyrics are the result of a personal tragedy of the worst kind, the death of his son.

Here are a couple of selections, “Mother Nature”

And “Low Dive Jenny.” This one gives me the shivers.