The Fruit

There it hangs, sexily,
On that stupid tree.
The Tree of Knowledge,
Or something…

The Fruit. Forbidden.
So He says.

See how it shines,
In the light of Eden!
Radiating, throbbing,
Pulsating, succulence.
How it calls to me.
Beckons and lures.
It wants to be,
Inside me!

Oh, the pain….
Of wanting it.
Almost unbearable.

And I so so so so want it!

Yeah, right.

(I wrote this piece for poetry picnic. This week’s theme is Adam and Eve.)

15 thoughts on “The Fruit

  1. I love this! I am so sure you have absolutely captured the essence of Eve, were she ever to have existed, and certainly her essence as she exists as a metaphor for womankind, haha. Well done!

    • Thank you! I love it too, which doesn’t happen very often. I usually like my work, and I dislike a lot of it too, but very rarely do I write something I’m completely happy with. This almost wrote itself.

      Maybe it was so easy to write because I absolutely understand what Eve must have been thinking and feeling when there was this piece of total perfection in front of her, and she was told she could not have it.

    • I like to think that Eve probably thought that expulsion from paradise was worth getting a taste of total perfection.

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