Your Shadow

Let me be your shadow when the night falls,
Creeping through your subconscious as it calls,
From its deepest place and its dark desire,
I can reach that spark, I can build a fire,
Softly enveloping each part of you,
Revealing things that not even you knew,
Unraveling each of your mysteries,
Your animal self, your Divinities,
Unleashing The You, you knew could be there,
The You locked inside The You when you dare,
Brick by brick we can both tear down your walls,
Let me be your shadow when the night falls.

15 thoughts on “Your Shadow

  1. Yes, I have to be honest, there isn’t much poetry that I read these days that appeals to me, i don’t even see a lot of it as poetry, so I’m glad I’ve found your site – good stuff.

    • Thanks very much. I love your blogspot name by the way. It reminds me of the quote from John Webster “We think the caged bird sings, when in fact he cries.”

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