WOTD: intoxicated

Yesterday at an after-work barbecue party, myself and a few colleagues were trying to come up with as many slang, figurative, and colloquial phrases we could think of for the adjective “intoxicated,” which is the most proper and clinical way of describing someone who has had too much to drink. Some of us were sightly intoxicated when this discussion came up and I found out that it’s difficult to pronounce “intoxicated” when one is intoxicated.

So I’ll have a go:


Full som en kastrull (strange Swedish expression that translates to “as drunk as a saucepan.”)




(And my personal favorite:)


Of course there are more. Many many many more. But I don’t want to have all the fun. What amusing phrases can you come up with?

9 thoughts on “WOTD: intoxicated

  1. drunk as a skunk and pissed as a fart are two I have heard many times before but I have no idea where those terms have come from though of course the first one rhymes but other than that do skunks get drunk?

    Pie eyed

    • Haha…I’ve heard “drunk as a skunk” before and it doesn’t make any sense, apart from the fact that it rhymes. I’ve never heard “pissed as a fart” before, but I like it, even though it makes about as much sense as the former phrase.

    • tt comes from sailing. When a sail is not tied tightly and flaps loosely, therefore not catching the wind properly. The term for it is that the sail is “to the wind” One can be a problem, but if three sails are loose then the boat will weave and rock drunkenly.

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