Café Bustelo Espresso is some damned good coffee!

Ever since I got one of those Keurig K-cup, single serving coffee machines, I’ve been on a coffee drinking kick. I used to hate brewing coffee in a traditional coffee machine, I always made too much or too little coffee. You know how that goes, you brew a whole pot of coffee and you only end up drinking half of it. You then feel guilty about throwing it away. I guess you could save it for ice coffee, but I don’t drink ice coffee, so there you go.

Anyhow, the Keurig Elite Brewing System has been a real sweet ride, and it got even better after I splurged and bought the My K-Cup Reusable Filter. No longer was I dependent on Keurig and their partners for my pre-packaged coffee needs.

Today, Sharkette sent me to Kroger’s to buy some more butter.  As I went by the coffee aisle a bright yellow coffee can caught my eye.  Café Bustelo Espresso!

Intrigued by the Spanish I decided to stop and take a look.  Reading the side of the can, I was impressed at my Spanish comprehension.  I guess I did learn some Spanish during my freshman year at high school after all.  Of course the fact that the English translation was right next to the Spanish had nothing to do with my language prowess. Ha ha ha…

Okay, so I picked up the can and took it home.  I put a couple of scoops into the reusable filter and got my brew on.  A few seconds later I had a steaming hot cup of Joe at my disposal.  The aroma itself was enough to launch me into the stratosphere.  I’ve never had my taste buds tingle for coffee before, but there’s a first time for everything I guess.  Boy, were they tingling, I was salivating like the dog in that dog food commercial screaming, “bacon, bacon, BACON!”

That Café Bustelo Espresso is good coffee is an understatement.  This is fucking great coffee.  The best coffee I’ve ever had in fact, and I’ve had some damned good coffee in my time.  I spent a year in Paris drinking espresso at local bistros, and this coffee definitely took me back in time.  Do yourself a favor, mi amigo, get in your car, get on your bike, take the bus, or just plain run to your local store and pick up a can of this dope.  You will not be disappointed sipping this sweet elixir in the morning, and that’s no bullshit!

14 thoughts on “Café Bustelo Espresso is some damned good coffee!

  1. Describe the flavor! Is it one of those meatier coffees?

    Thanks for the link for the reusable filter. I always feel like some environment terrorist when I throw little, plastic cups in the garbage.

  2. I completely agree. I’m broke until payday _next_ Friday. I ran out of my usual K-Cups, and Bustelo was on sale for $3. I _do_ love Bustelo. Broke out my filter and I am very deliciously caffeinated this morning.

  3. The My-K-cup is one of the BEST inventions since the wheel!!! Putting Bustelo in it is my version of heaven on earth! LOL!
    Seriously tho, I special requested a Keurig for Christmas two years ago and instantly signed up for the Keurig club rewards program (you can accumulate points from buying coffee) I used some points to buy the my kcup and I LOVED IT…. But if you don’t want to be a club member, you can just buy one from your nearest Bed Bath and Beyond.:-)

  4. Bustelo is the most under rated coffee in the world so that means there’s more for us to enjoy! My brother John was a international coffee distributor we tasted coffee from all around the world & we both came to the conclusion that there is no coffee like Bustelo………….try it for your self you be the judge . daveed betancourt

  5. I usually purchase Yuban for some reason the Can is nice and the coffee is smooth, rich body without lingering on your taste buds, the Caffeine content is passive aggressive, which is hit or miss depending on my activity chart for the morning. I purchased Caffe Bustelo yesterday as I sit here at my computer this is a smooth blend I was a bit hesitant with using the expresso grind in my simple coffee maker, No worries the coffee came out perfect no spillage but trust me this coffee does what I expected from a Expresso Roast, definitely not passive aggressive I’m excited about my day and fully energized, Please try this Blend if you love Coffee or simply a Newbie great Choice.

  6. I have seen this at Walmart several times while shopping and I finally broke down and bought some a couple months ago. i
    It is by far the best coffee I’ve ever had. I’ve gotten friends and family hooked on this stuff! I ran out one day so I reverted back to maxwell house colonbian roast and it tasted like absolute rubbish.

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