A Warning

Every time you plagiarize,
God pokes out a kitten’s eyes.
Okay, perhaps that’s a bit flawed,
For those who don’t believe in God.
But, pass some old ideas as yours,
And you’ll break out in open sores.
To cheat or not to cheat, I know,
How tempting it can be, and so,
Just understand if you get caught,
I’ve warned you quite an awful lot.
So don’t try cheating in this course,
Or you’ll be flunked with no remorse.

24 thoughts on “A Warning

  1. Awww…thanks, Ken. And of course you’re not too old, although I’m not sure what I could possibly teach you. 🙂

      • Heh…I probably should. Actually it started out as a warning against plagiarism during a lesson. I gave them the information sheet for their final project and I wrote, “Every time you plagiarize, God kills a kitten.” Then it occurred to me that “God pokes out a kitten’s eyes” worked perfectly. Then I wrote down the rest of it when I got home.

    • I am a high school teacher, yes. 🙂 All I’m trying to say is don’t cheat. Please, think of the kittens!!!

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