Ode to a Bean (for Shark)

I think that I have never seen,
Something as wondrous as caffeine,
Without a black and steaming cup,
I’ve a hard time getting up,
Yes, my friend the coffee bean,
Deliverer of pure caffeine,
I’m ever thankful that you found me,
As also are all those around me.

2 thoughts on “Ode to a Bean (for Shark)

  1. Love it, love it, love it!

    Nothing against a “black and steaming cup” (black being the key word) but I prefer my coffee with cream, sugar and foamed milk. Sometimes cocoa power, too…

  2. This morning I decided it would be good to write an Ode to the Bean. I was thinking more of the kidney, baked, veggie sorts. This one sings to me.

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