World Poetry Day

World Poetry Day 
It is, I can imagine, 
No coincidence, 
In fact, makes complete sense,
That World Poetry Day falls,
By the vernal equinox,
When the heart, the earth,
Talks of rebirth, 
When the joy and pain,
Of growth and loss,
Remain uppermost,
In our common consciousness
and purpose,
When through desire,
And need,
We analyze and plant the seed,
For new directions,
New directions 
informed by reflections,
Of seasons past,
Each in our own
separate way,
Here at the equinox,
World Poetry Day. 

A Poet’s Heart – In Honor of World Poetry Day

So, you want to write poetry,
But where do you start?
Well, it helps if you have,
A poet’s cracked heart.
A heart that is damaged,
A heart with a hole.
(Not a literal one, mind,
Just metaphorical)
For in that dark hole,
The poetry resides.
And it eats up the pain,
That you try hard to hide.
And when it’s filled up,
With your pain and your doubt,
Then that’s when it’s time,
For the poetry to come out!

Kang tries poetry…

…and doesn’t do it well.

Kitten says it’s World Poetry Day.  This is my contribution.  It’s not satire.  It’s not snarkasm.  It’s a stunning display of my complete ineptitude and my deep appreciation for the beauty that Blitz and Kitten produce so easily.  Sincerely, I’m in awe of their talent.

Years ago, before Kang existed, Kang’s parents were beatniks living in Greenwich Village (explains a lot, nej?).  They hung out with poets, walked the walk and talked the talk (but did they inhale?). Yet, this influence and the words from the first editions of Ginsberg’s works that sit on my nightstand (thank you, Daddy) enter my brain, swirl around and go to the file cabinet drawer where things like finite and applied calculus reside.  Poetry, like men and mathematics, is a code I cannot crack no matter how hard I try.

Marnie can’t Haiku
although she doesn’t blame you
Poetry is weird.

Oh, Kang.  You made Applebloom sad.

Oh, Kang. You made Applebloom sad.

To the poets of the world, I thank you for the gift you share, the joy you bring and the thoughts you provoke.