A Poet’s Heart – In Honor of World Poetry Day

So, you want to write poetry,
But where do you start?
Well, it helps if you have,
A poet’s cracked heart.
A heart that is damaged,
A heart with a hole.
(Not a literal one, mind,
Just metaphorical)
For in that dark hole,
The poetry resides.
And it eats up the pain,
That you try hard to hide.
And when it’s filled up,
With your pain and your doubt,
Then that’s when it’s time,
For the poetry to come out!

3 thoughts on “A Poet’s Heart – In Honor of World Poetry Day

  1. I really don’t know. For me writing rhyming verse is easy. It’s like second nature. Writing a piece that captures an image or an emotion or a moment is much harder but that’s usually what I try to do.

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