The comfortable box,
With its well worn thoughts,
I’m inside though I’ve often denied it,
I tumbled in there,
Not fully aware,
Of the patterns I found there inside it,
Boxes I have known,
I’ve found while I’ve grown,
Were a challenge though I still could break out,
This one I’ve just found,
Has long been around,
Left me struggling with what it’s about,
It’s put me to the test,
Larger than the rest,
Encompassing what I’d not considered,
Patterns long instilled,
Leaving life unfulfilled,
And many relationships withered,
Some friends who know me,
Could probably see,
(On the outside they can be objective)
On the other hand I,
As years have gone by,
Have been blinded and rather selective,
Now I’ve let in the light,
After struggle and fight,
From this box I will finally break free,
With thinking that’s new,
I’ll expand my view,
Of what love and relations can be.